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Cross Curricular

Supporting the Transition to Junior High School
St. Vincent Ferrer, Cincinnati, OH
6th grade students, language, math, and productivity.
Research Partner: University of Cincinnati

Palms are used to support students, including special needs students, as they transition from elementary school to Junior High School. This transition requires that students increase responsibility for their own learning and manage their own time and assignments. Palms will be used for student self-management, as well as to aid students in science and mathematics class.

The Effect of a Self-Monitoring Device on the Acquisition of Social Skills
Kennedy Krieger High School, Baltimore, MD
High School Students, special needs students.
Research Partner: Johns Hopkins University

This program will use Palm handhelds to help students with Severe Emotional Disorder improve their work place social skills. Fifteen students in a secondary program for students with Severe Emotional Disorder will be selected, and these students will be trained to use handheld computers to monitor social skills relevant to the employment setting to which the student was assigned.

Extending the Support Network for Special Education Students and Teachers
Hommocks Middle School, Larchmont, NY
Middle School special education students.
Research Partners: Center for Children and Technology, Wireless Generation

Palm handhelds will help provide special education students with the support they need to master their organizational and academic objectives. The Palm's built-in organizational features will be supplemented by intelligent scaffolding tools and checklists, so that students can focus on their learning the curriculum instead of being stymied by logistics. Assessment tools and reference systems for teachers will help them to keep track of how students are performing, and make on-the-fly notes about useful teaching strategies so they can adjust more easily to their students needs.

Ripple Project
The Lamphere Schools, Madison Heights, MI
Fifth grade students, art, science, and creative writing.
Research Partner: Madison Heights Nature Center

Ripple Project is a multi-disciplinary grant proposal that brings together art, science and creative writing using the cutting edge technology of the Palm. Students will use the Palm as a canvas to draw trees and leaves that they see outdoors. They will bring these to a nature center, where they will learn more about the specific trees, and will be able to have a naturalist beam them relevant information. The sketches will then be used to create ceramic artwork that will be put on display at the school.

Super Sleuths
Mountain Brook Elementary School, Birmingham, AL
Primary Grades, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math

Super Sleuths is a pilot program that incorporates handheld technology in a comprehensive interdisciplinary unit developed around a detective theme. Students will compare, contrast, and classify characteristics of their fingerprints by analyzing the patterns of arches, loops, and whorls, creating a class graph from the results.

Parent-Student-Teacher Palm-munication
Thomas Jefferson Elementary, Anaheim, CA
Primary Grades, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science

Parents will use palm handheld computers for parent-teacher-school communication. The classroom teacher will send home daily behavior notices, for parent review via handheld computers. Since many of the parents do not have phones in their homes (Thomas Jefferson is located in an economically challenged neighborhood), communication via the handheld computers could be vital to parent involvement.

Palm Handheld and The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury
Hattie Cotton Elementary School, Nashville, TN
Primary Grades, Social Studies and Math

The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury is a CD-based, problem-solving series developed at Vanderbilt University. The Jasper episodes, Bridging the Gap and The Big Splash, will be used to teach students about business planning and statistical concepts and methods. When solving Jasper and again when developing their own business plans, students will use the Palm handheld computers to help them with various problem solving tasks.

Palm People Practicum
Duniway Elementary School, Portland, OR
Primary Grades, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science

The first goal is to use Palm handheld technology to accelerate the morning routine in order to increase instructional time and provide multiple skills-leveled assignments that will in turn, facilitate an increase in the percentage of students meeting the Third Grade Benchmarks. The second goal of this project is to increase study and organizational skills of students so that a higher percentage of assignments will be completed and turned in on time.

A Bird In My Handheld
Cory Elementary School, Romulus, MI
Primary Grades, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Technology

This project will address the loss of the habitat of local bluebirds. Second grade students will work with the Huron-Clinton Metroparks to maintain areas for birds to begin to settle. Students will build bluebird nestboxes, monitor their new homes, organize and interpret data and graph the results. The Palm handheld computers will assist students in collecting data to create tables and graphs.

Cybertracking in the Suburbs
Pattengill Elementary School, Berkley, MI
Primary Grades, Math and Science

The purpose of this project is to provide a real-life opportunity for the students to gather data, create tables and graphs, and to analyze their collected information on local wildlife. The Palm handhelds will provide the students with the field tool they need to record their animal sightings and tracks, take notes on climate and habitat in their electronic journals, as well as record geographic locations on site.

Teaching and Encouraging Responsible Behavior: Monitoring Student Success With the Palm Computer
OASIS School, Florence, KS
Primary, Intermediate Grades, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science

OASIS School (Opportunity, Achievement, and Survival In Society) is a public school operated by the Marion County Special Education Cooperative. Currently, the system of behavior recording has involved making frequent entries on paper sheets that students carry around with them at all times during the school day. A Palm handheld computer can make the documentation task easier, more effective, and ultimately more successful for the student.

Utilizing Palm Handhelds to Inform Instruction and Improve Student Learning
Orono Middle School, Orono
Intermediate Grades, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science

On a weekly basis, each grade level team meets with the technology coordinator for professional development in technology. This will provide the ongoing time and training teachers want for learning to using Palm handheld computers. This project has two professional strands; classroom data management and integration of technology into the curriculum and two student strands; personal organizer and utilization of technology to improve learning.

Integrating Technology Into Culture
Cherokee Central Schools, Cherokee, NC
Intermediate, High School, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science

The Palm handheld computers will be used to take notes from Cherokee language lessons, and to write scripts and ideas for the lessons. They will also be used in class to write conversational Cherokee language specific to the grade level and curriculum needs.

G.E.T. S.M.A.R.T. (Gender Equity Team Science, Math And Related Technology)
Green Middle School, Green, OH
Intermediate Grades, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, and Technology

The purpose of this project is to design and evaluate a gender equitable middle school science, math, engineering and technology curriculum which meets the Ohio Model Competencies through the use of handheld computers.

Go With The Flow: Rivers, Tides and Temperature
Whale Branch Middle School, Seabrook, SC
Intermediate Grades, Math and Science

The Whale Branch Coastal Living Program is a team consisting of a team of language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science teachers who will design a standards-based curriculum to study the coastal habitats, the efficient use of natural resources and the preservation of the environment. Students will research and collect data on their Palm handheld computers at the Whale Branch River and the surrounding coastal/marsh areas.

We Have the Whole World in the PALM of Our Hand
Frankford Middle School, Dallas, TX
Intermediate Grades, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science

The project seeks to use Palm handheld computers to problem solve, master curriculum objectives and to create a climate within Frankford where students can further their academic success through the use of Palm handheld computers. Ultimately, students will look to discover ways that the teachers had not anticipated for using their handheld computers in all of their classes.

P.A.L.M. IMPACT: Improving Performance, Accountability, Life-Skills & Motivation of Students & Teachers
NFA@Stewart, New Windsor, NY
High School, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science

Rather than focusing on one specific project involving Palm handheld computers, this study seeks to conduct a broader, social-based project exploring the possible impact on breaking the cycle of student apathy. By having a personal Palm handheld computer, the issue of accessibility is addressed. It will provide students with the ultimate 1:1 technology ratio. It also provides "pride in ownership" which should help foster responsibility. It will also help level the playing field for those who do not have access to a computer outside of school.

Science, Technology, and the Harlem Community
Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change, New York
High School, Social Studies and Science

During the first semester, students will investigate Asthma Rates in the Harlem community. Students will also research the causes of asthma, conduct community surveys, and plot incidence maps. During the second semester, students will use the skills learned during the course of the Asthma study to conduct an investigation of their own choosing. Topics might include Tobacco and Harlem Youth, HIV and AIDS, the Impact of Sewage Treatment on Local Rivers or Technology Use and Harlem Schools.

Palm Rescue
Cottage Grove High School, Cottage Grove, OR
High School, Language and Social Studies

Palm handheld computers will be used to teach approximately 30 students with learning disabilities the major four functions of the Palm handheld: date book, address/contact book, memo pad, and to do list. The ultimate goal with this group will be to increase their organizational abilities that include on task behavior, turning in assignments on time and being punctual to class and all scheduled events, including work.

My Senior Year in the Palm of My Hand: A Learning Moment
Farragut High School, Knoxville, TN
High School, Language, Social Studies, Guidance and Physical Education

The Senior Project is designed to allow students of all abilities to focus their talents, skills, creativity and knowledge acquired over twelve years of study on an academic topic of special interest to them. They will apply these talents, skills, creativity, and knowledge to produce a research paper and a product related to their topic. Additionally, students will prepare a portfolio to highlight their project and present the results to a panel of faculty advisors and community members.

Inquiry Learning for Science and Math Related Curriculums
Pre-College Upward Bound, Knoxville, TN
High School, Math and Science

Students will learn how they can conduct inquiry types of science and math projects effectively so that they not only learn about the topics covered, but also how to build on data, record data, organize data, and display data using Palm handheld computers.

Palms for Future Teachers
Emmerich Manual High School, Indianapolis, IN
High School, Social Skills, Communication, Technology

Emmerich Manual High School, in conjunction with Ball State University, is creating a Teacher Education Magnet Program (TEMP). The concept is to encourage students to choose a career in education through early teaching internships and interaction with teaching professionals. The first class of juniors will be instructed in curriculum that contains child development, educational psychology, collaboration, instructional methods, and professional skills.

Technology in Hand
Desert View High School, Tucson, AZ
High School, Business Management and Customer Service

The JagWire Project is a student managed site-based enterprise on the school campus that encourages students to develop workplace skills as they develop technology skills. Students in The JagWire Project learn how to manage a business, work with clients, manage financial records and deal with personnel issues as they learn how to build web pages, repair computers, connect networks to use desktop publishing products among others and train others to use a variety of technologies.

Sr. Business Academy: Integrating Business and Economics to Produce Marketable Workers in Today's Society
Oceanside High School, Oceanside, CA
High School, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Business

The premise behind the use of the Palm handhelds is to enable and enhance the integration of multiple subject areas into a year long thematic unit for the Senior Business Academy (SBA) students.

PUP: Psychology Using Palms
Granby High School, Norfolk, VA
High School, Social Studies and Psychology

PUP will provide students enrolled in a high school psychology class the use of new, less obtrusive technologies to support problem-based learning and increase academic achievement. PUP gives students, while using Palm handheld computers, opportunities to express themselves in writing and to reflect on the actions of those around them.


Language Arts

PAWN (Palms As Writers' Notebook)/Using Technology to Further the Writing Process
P.S. 129Q, College Point, NY

Children in one class in the school would receive a set of Palm handheld computers to use as their writers' notebook for half of the school year. In the beginning of the school year, children personalize a notebook to be used exclusively for collecting ideas to be used in writing. With Palm handheld computers, children can personalize and claim ownership of an electronic notebook which will provide integration of technology from inception to the final product.

Using Palm Computers to Teach Students Information Literacy Skills at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
Primary, Intermediate Grades

This project is aimed at enlightening, sensitizing, and creating further appreciation of our heritage and culture by using Palm handheld computers and information literacy. Faculty from Kansas State University-COE will team with Lee Summit teachers and students to create demonstration materials by using Palm handheld computers and skills of information literacy. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum will have Palm handheld computers available to teachers and students when they visit the museum.

Adventures in Vocabulary, and English as a Second Language Learning Project
Miller Wall Elementary School, Marrero, LA
Primary, Intermediate Grades

ESL students all begin their classroom experiences with vocabulary, regardless of their proficiency levels. The Palm handhelds will be introduced on the first day of school and will be used throughout the entire school year. The handheld computers will take the place of the "Word Wall", a physical gathering place in the room for new and unfamiliar vocabulary. The word will be entered into the handheld computer by each student and will allow the children to carry the unit into their mainstream classes.

Organizing the Autistic with Palm
Park County School District Number 1, Powell, WY
Primary, Intermediate, & High School

Autism is a communication disorder that results in severe disabilities with auditory input. Autistic students need a self-management system that will help them become less dependent on others for constant direction, yet continue to provide them the visual cueing needed to adequately complete their day within the school setting. The Palm handheld computer can provide them with the necessary cueing needed for self-monitoring and completion of tasks without being dependent on others. Students with Autism have a visual strength that makes computer applications easy for them to learn.

Evening the Playing Field with a Palm
South Orangetown Middle School, Blauvelt, NY
Intermediate Grades

Students will use Palm handheld computers with keyboards to write their essays within the classroom. When students master use of the Palm handheld computer in English, they will begin to use them for essays in other classes. Students will also store in their Palm handheld computer their own personal spelling log, key ideas about the mechanics of writing and key vocabulary words to use in the essays.

Using Palm Handheld Computers in the Reading, Writing, and Organization Process with Gifted Fourth-Grade Students
Caley Elementary, King of Prussia, PA
Intermediate Grades

The project will focus on the use of handheld computers with fourth-grade gifted students in language arts activities, and as an aid in improving student organizational skills. The content will be developed from notes taken on the Palm handheld during curriculum-related field trips and assigned research projects, as well as assigned writing activities that use a collection of spelling/vocabulary words for which the students are responsible throughout the year.

Publishing using the Palm Computer
Indio Middle School, Indio, CA
Intermediate Grades

Avid, GATE, and Resource students in a seventh grade language arts and literature classes will use Palm handheld computers as part of a "Problem Based Learning Project" in journalism. Students will organize, name, and produce a school newspaper, which will be published quarterly, starting in the fall of 2001.

English in the Palm of Your Hand
Andros Karperos Middle School, Yuba City, CA
Intermediate Grades

The project increases the efficiency of English acquisition and increase EL student proficiency in technology applications. The EL student's lack of English proficiency frequently limits their ability to access high standards and curriculum on an equal basis with their English only peers. The Palm handheld computers requested in this proposal will be assigned to the lowest level English Learner students, ESL 1 students.

Metacognitive Strategies in High School ESOL
Cypress Lake High School, Fort Myers, FL
High School

Metacognitive Strategies is a multi-disciplinary grant proposal that brings together high school English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), English Language Arts, and Media Arts to examine critical thinking and learning strategies using Palm handheld computers. The goal of this project is to test the effectiveness of a curriculum intervention that combines handheld computers with the direct teaching of metacognitive strategies to high school ESOL students.

Journalism Pioneers with Palm Computers
Berkeley High School, Berkeley, CA
High School

Students at the Berkeley High Jacket will expand their ability to cover breaking news and communicate with each other using Palm handheld computers. Students will use them as resources for news gathering, sharing resources and contacts, and fact checking.

Shakespeare Meets the Palm Handheld
Dutch Fork High School, Irmo, SC
High School

The goal of this project "Shakespeare Meets the Palm Pilot" is to examine the potential for using handheld computers for reading and writing about great works of literature in a 12th grade English class. The student will read two plays by William Shakespeare for both understanding and enjoyment. Although difficult to measure, the objective of this process is to determine whether the ease of electronic communication can build and improve the student-teacher relationship.

Palm Video Production
Ovid-Elsie Area Schools, Elsie, MI
High School

Our goal is to successfully use Palm handheld computers as a tool to teach creative, alternative thinking students in video production. Using a freeware storyboarding program, the class will decide how to set their class storyboard. Using their Palm handheld computers, they will set the scene, shot locations, screen page references, time of day, board title, place, notes and sketches.

Electronic Journalism
Klickitat High School, Klickitat, WA
High School

The Klickitat School District Newspaper has been the responsibility of the high school journalism class since September 2000. Interviewing skills that depend on probing questions and accurate note taking techniques are among the specific lessons taught. With the ability to recall interview questions in and the ability to write and store notes on a Palm handheld computer, a higher quality interview experience for the journalism student occurs and better written articles result.



Project TEMPO
(Teaching Elementary Music using Palm Operating Systems)

Coronita Elementary School, Corona, CA
Primary Grades

The goal of Project TEMPO is to test the effectiveness of utilizing Palm handheld computers, clip-on General MIDI synthesizers, and music software to teach core musical concepts and music composition to economically disadvantaged elementary students (grades 4-6) in an after school achievement program.

Palm to Facilitate Music Performance Learning
Derby High School, Derby, CT
Primary Grades

Brandt Schneider teaches choir to a class of 35 challenged students from low-income families, English as a second language, and physical disabilities. The intention behind the project is that mastery of Palm handheld applications, related both to specific music performance curriculum and the general life management skills of each student, can help build self-esteem and set an example of technology equity for the entire state.



A Three Pronged Approach for Handheld Technology: Curriculum Implementation, Modeling and Assessment
Fulmore Middle School, Austin, TX
Middle School Algebra.
Research Partners: SYRCE-The University of Texas, Austin, Texas; Center for Highly-Interactive Computing in Education (University of Michigan); Center for Innovative Learning Technologies (CILT); Imagiworks

Palm computers will be used as one of the primary technological resources within our algebra courses. In so doing, we envision a three pronged approach to Palm use in our extended inquiry classrooms which include curriculum development incorporating probes, modeling tasks and assessment.

Using Palm Pilots to Differentiate the Math Curriculum
Quest Academy, Palatine, IL
Primary Grades

This project looks to determine the benefits of using a Palm handheld computer to gather data, track student progress and to determine the benefits of using a Palm handheld computer for student self-assessment in math. Students will utilize the custom database in their Palm handheld computers to establish learning goals, keep track of the completion of their assignments, monitor their understanding of the learning objectives for each math unit and to provide feedback to teachers.

The Future of Stocks in the Palm of Your Hand
Virgil I. Grissom Junior High School, Tinley Park, IL
Intermediate Grades

Students in grades seven and eight will use the Palm handheld computers to access information on the Internet, manipulate data, and simulate stock purchases in conjunction with The Stock Market Game(tm) (, an educational program sponsored by the Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education. The primary objectives include increased student access to the Internet, the integration of technology into the classroom curriculum and increased awareness of economic trends.

Mathematic Peer Talk
Terra Linda High School, San Rafael, CA
High School

Students will be conducting research regarding the use of handheld computers in an algebra II classroom. The primary use of the handheld computers will be to provide interactive guided practice, inquiry and investigative software, quandary questions, and links to research.


Physical Education

Improving Lifelong Physical Fitness through Physical Education and Science
Riverside Elementary School, Oakland, IA
Primary Grades

One of the main goals is that all graduates of the Riverside Community School District will be responsible for personal wellness by demonstrating the need to be healthy and maintain a healthy life style. The project seeks to improve students' physical fitness through physical education and science. Students will collect data, evaluate their fitness outline, and revise their fitness goals on Palm handheld computers.

Palm Handhelds for Improving the Physical Health of Maine Students
South, Central, and Northern Maine
Schools for this State/Local Learning Results pilot will be selected from the already existing 35 school representatives who are designing Maine's Assessment System for State Physical Education Standards.
Primary, Intermediate Grades

Two major state initiatives are about to join together to benefit the students of Maine schools. The first is the Assessment of Maine's Learning Results Standards for Physical Education a system for the state to generate regional and statewide data. The second initiative is the state's Campaign for a Healthy Maine with one of its major objectives to reduce levels of obesity in Maine children. Tracking the height and weight of all Maine students from which obesity levels can be calculated will be done on a Palm handheld computer.

Technology in Physical Education
Goodrich Middle School, Lincoln, NE
Intermediate Grades

Students in physical education classes will be able to monitor their fitness testing performance throughout the school year using Palm handheld computers. They will enter their fitness goals for the year, and graph and test their results. The students will use the Palm handheld computers to record their "outside of school activity" and caloric intake each day.

Fitness: The Final Frontier
Sequim Middle School, Sequim, WA
Intermediate Grades

Using several fitness tests as rubrics, students will be evaluated on their strength, flexibility, speed, power, and endurance. Using Palm handheld computers, performance indicators on student fitness achievements and skills mastery will be entered by students as they happen. Entering their own data will give students more involvement in reaching their own personal fitness goals, and will make them more accountable for active participation.

Healthy Hearts Through Personal Technology
State College Area High School, State College, PA
High School

Students will develop individualized cardiovascular programs which will permit them to track their heart rates while participating in various activities and also determine whether that activity provides an increase in their heart rate sufficient to improving personal cardiovascular fitness. The data will be downloaded to the palm handheld computer and the software will provide each individual student with comparative information.



From Concept to Calorie: Visualizing Advanced Chemistry Concepts Using Palm Handheld Computers
Beaver High School, Beaver, UT
High School students, chemistry.
Research Partners: WestEd, Southern Utah University

Rural students will use the handheld devices to carry out visualization and problem-solving investigations that supplement their course curriculum in Chemistry. Investigations will emphasize problem-solving and collaboration skills that will allow students to research, conduct information analysis, and visualize complex classroom theories and concepts.
Vital Signs: Turning Passive Learners Into Principal Investigators
Shead High School, Eastport, ME
High School Marine Science.
Research Partner: Gulf of Maine Aquarium
Shead High School will partner with the Gulf of Maine Aquarium. Students will work to accurately record significant subjective information in the form of written notes and digital imaging. These observations will act as a springboard towards understanding marine science content (such as the physical, biological, and social effects of changes in earth's oceans and atmosphere) as well as perspective as it relates to thought and language. Extending these understandings, students will compare the ways various social occupational and cultural groups use language.

Ecological Monitoring and Business Plan Development
Kellogg Middle School, Shoreline, WA
Middle School Environmental Science and social studies curriculum.
Research Partner: University of Washington

Working in small groups, QUEST students will develop data-collection kits that will be used to test the health of a local water supply. The use of these kits will be taught to two fifth grade classes at an elementary school to enable them to assess the health of a local stream. The goal of the scientific component of the proposed project is to test the effectiveness of a stream-monitoring project in improving student understanding in ecology. In addition, students will develop a business, Palms will be used for the management of budgets, maintenance of personal calendars, and analysis of business markets.

Testing the Waters of the Ogallala Aquifer in the Texas High Plains
Slaton High School of Slaton Independent School District, Slaton, TX
High School Environmental Science.
Research Partners: Texas Tech University, South Plains College,, National Computational Science Leadership Program
Students will use Palm handhelds in the creation and use of mathematical models to develop an understanding of the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer in Texas. Students will use probes attached to Palm computers and software that graphs temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, ion specifics, etc. and includes visual representations to get onsite representation of the water quality within different regions of the aquifer.

All in the Palm of My Hand
Immaculata School, Hendersonville, NC
Elementary School Environmental Science.
Research Partner: Western Carolina University
All in the Palm of my Hand is a pilot program using handheld computers in conjunction with field data collection for science classes exploring air pollution, acid rain, as part of an Environmental Education Learning Experience (EELE). Students will be using handheld computers as data collectors, information organizers, calculators, and for data analysis while developing an understanding of how technology enhances our lives. Additionally, in order to build a better understanding of the processes of incorporating technology in the classroom, student teachers from the education department of Western Carolina University will be invited to participate in the classroom exercises.

Integrated Field Study of pH Changes along the Arroyo Seco Utilizing Handheld Technology
Eliot Middle School, Altadena, CA
Middle School Environmental Science.
Research Partners: Caltech Precollege Science Initiative, California Institute of Technology

The main focus of the semester long project is how the terrain, geology, human interaction, and chemistry of the Arroyo Seco affect the pH along its length. Stretching for a distance of over 40 miles, the Arroyo Seco covers a varied terrain from mountain to desert and encounters a range of human influence from wilderness to urban to industrial, even flowing past the world-famous Rose Bowl in a concrete channel. Students will collect a variety of data including GPS positioning, water and air temperature, dissolved oxygen, flow rate, and, of course, pH. Other data collected includes rock samples and flora samples from the area, located precisely using the GPS/Palm combination. This data will be analyzed in the classroom, and upon completion of the project, a clearer view of how and why the pH of the Arroyo Seco changes along its length will be produced.

Environmental Science Academy/WildLink: Science-Based Research Expeditions into Yosemite National Park for High School Students
Merced High School and Livingston High School, Atwater, CA
High School Environmental Science.
Research Partners: US Geological Survey and GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (

The Environmental Science Academy (ESA) is a program for high potential, low achieving high school sophomore students to attend a 4-week summer science seminar. ESA is a collaboration of UC Berkeley, Yosemite National Park, and GLOBE that teaches students about environmental science. Palm computers will augment the ESA program through: 1) the use of sensors for data collection, and graphing and visualization software for synthesizing that data, and 2) journaling exercises utilizing word processing software on the Palm computers, and 3) as well as testing wireless communication for engaging students in learning.

The Reasons For The Seasons
Northline Elementary School, Houston, TX
Elementary School students, astronomy.
Research Partner: Rice University

Students will use astronomical software and light and heat probes in conjunction with Palms to understand the patterns and relationships between the sun, earth and moon that result in the seasons of the year and phases of the moon.

Supporting Environmentally Concerned Kids with Palms
Foothill Middle School, Walnut Creek, CA
6th grade students, Math and Science.
Research Partner: U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Education

6th grade students investigate a local creek running through fairly untouched park areas into a very suburban and urban area. Students will use Palms to collect data and to explain specific conditions at the creek, such as high pH, temperature, alkalinity or eutrophication. Students will be able to communicate with each other during these field excursions using the Palm technology as well as using the Palms as real-time data collection devices.

The Mill River Virtual Field Guide
Cold Spring School, New Haven, CT
Primary Grades

With the use of Palm handheld computers, students will create a virtual field guide to the Mill River. Students will be using handheld computers as data collectors, information organizers, calculators, and for data analysis. Students will be able to access this database in the field on their Palm handheld computers and document population samples at various sites along the river.

FOCUS (Focus On Change Using Science)
Sherrard Elementary School, Wheeling, WV
Primary Grades

This project is to help students conduct scientific experiments using GLOBE science protocols, components of GLOBE science kits, handheld computers, Garmin 12 GPS units, ArcView mapping software, and desktop computers. They will test, document, graph, map, and compare changes that have occurred in their demographic area over the last 200 years.

Birdhouse Network
Nassau Spackenkill School, Poughkeepsie, NY
Primary, Intermediate Grades

Students with learning challenges in grades 3-5 will be participating in researching and planning a birdhouse trail on the school grounds. They will read and collect information about the cavity nesting birds that are native to the area and the type of nesting box they will use. Students will assemble ten birdhouses. The research will help to assist scientists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in tracking changes in bird populations.

Upper Powell River Watershed Restoration Project
Appalachia Elementary School, Appalachia, VA
Primary, Intermediate Grades

Streamwalk's objectives are for students to gain an awareness and appreciation of stream ecology by collecting data at stream sites and suggesting ideas for the improvement and/or maintenance of stream quality. The portability of the Palm handheld computer, in conjunction with the GPS upload/download units to be used for the Project, make it perfect for uniform and accurate data collection and estimation in the field work as contemplated by Streamwalk.

A Comparison of Handheld Water Quality Monitoring Technologies in the Eby Creek Watershed Geographic Survey
Eagle Valley Middle School, Eagle, CO
Intermediate Grades

From August 2001 through June 2002, 60 seventh grade students will demonstrate achievement of curriculum standards in various subjects. They will compare the efficacy of water quality monitoring with graphing calculators verses that with Palm handheld computers as part of a continuing physical and biological assessment of the Eby Creek Watershed.

Lake Watch: Monitoring Florida Lakes with a Palms-On Approach
Conway Middle School, Orlando, FL
Intermediate Grades

Florida LAKEWATCH enables 7th and 8th grade students to be involved in a cooperative teamwork approach to solving lake quality problems. The students will use Palm handheld computers in conjunction with Quickoffice to collect field data and assist Lakewatch staff scientists in explaining specific conditions at the lake site.

Caloosahatchee Oxbow Restoration and Demonstration Project
Lee Middle School, Fort Myers, FL
Intermediate Grades

Using Palm handheld computers in the field and in the classroom, students will understand, through real life scientific investigations the processes of taking accurate field samples, recording and interpreting data using field guides and other data analysis techniques. The students will work with scientists and volunteer citizens collecting data from 10 oxbows along either side of the Caloosahatchee River channel.

Inside the Outside: A Survey of Microclimates Found on Hollis School Ground
Hollis Consolidated School District #328, Peoria, IL
Intermediate Grades

Seventh grade science students will be introduced to the environmental requirements of plants and will study how these factors can affect population densities at a site on Palm handheld computers. Then, working in teams, they will be asked to survey the school grounds and develop maps of the microclimates found there.

Messier Marathon
Union Ridge School, Harwood Heights, IL
Intermediate Grades

Students will use Palm handheld computers to aid in planning observation logs using astrological software and for recording data and notes during telescope/binocular viewing. Activities will integrate astronomy software programs on Palm handheld computers to enhance student ability to create observation logs according to season and to help locate various constellations and stars during observations.

Palm Handhelds and Robotics in the Middle School Classroom
Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Valparaiso, IN
Intermediate Grades

The teachers and students at Valparaiso Community Schools have been investigating and working with programming and robotics for the last year and a half. Students use computers to learn a programming language and then to program robots that they build. Palm handheld computers can then control the robots.

Field Guides at Home and Around the World: A Field Science Study for Middle School Students
Watertown Middle School, Watertown, MA
Intermediate Grades

Through this project, students learn about field observation while studying the characteristics and life of their local ecosystem, taking notes in the field via a Palm handheld computer and using a digital camera to collect images. Sixth grade students will develop a field guide of life forms (botanical and biological) in their own community.

Science and Math in your Hand!
Schulze Elementary School, Detroit, MI
Intermediate Grades

In collaboration with the Environmental Interpretive Center (EIC) at the University of Michigan, Dearborn campus, sixth grade students will investigate the microhabitats that exist in our community and at the EIC. Students will work in cooperative groups to gather data on the temperature of a variety of different areas including the surface of soil and pond surface. They will then use temperature probes and the Palm handheld to collect and record data.

Field Ecology Data Collection
The College School, Webster Groves, MO
Intermediate Grades

The Field Ecology class will use Palm handhelds to study the school's watershed which is located on a mountain top site in the Smoky Mountains. They will also study a low altitude site in the Smokies, an aquatic and a terrestrial site in the Okefenokee Swamp, and a salt marsh and maritime site on Sapelo Island off the coast of Georgia.

Marine Lab Must Have Palm Handheld
Montgomery School, Chester Springs, PA
Intermediate Grades

Each year, students participate in a yearlong study of marine life. During this study, they test and record various elements such as pH, invertebrate life forms, alkalinity, and temperature. By using Palm handheld computers, students will be able to compile data on site.

Amphibians and Humans: Partnered for Survival
JH Gaudet Middle School, Middletown, RI
Intermediate Grades

Amphibians and Humans: Partnered for Survival is a project that unites the Norman Bird Sanctuary (NBS), a non-profit nature center, Dr Peter Paton and the University of RI, and Gaudet Middle School in an endeavor to promote stewardship of land, resource management, and scientific research. Students will use the Palm handheld computers in the field to collect and record environmental data; use the a GPS to find the vernal pools to study and identify species of amphibians, share information and record images and sounds from the study sites for use in the classroom and on the web site.

Investigating Microclimates
Grand Avenue School, Milwaukee, WI
Intermediate Grades

Students will explore the concept of Microclimates by using handheld computers to gather, and analyze data, submit reports, collaborate with a team and publish their work on the school web page. Students will use the scenario of a horticultural consulting firm that has been asked to study the various areas around the school grounds to determine which site would be best suited for a school garden. They will analyze the data they have collected and then write up their recommendations where the garden should be placed.

Palms in the Field: Field Guide/Journal for Identification of Regional Plants, Animals, and Geology
Mussleman Middle School, Bunker Hill, WV
Intermediate Grades

This project seeks to develop a Palm handheld OS based application that would incorporate both a geologic/wildlife field guide and field journal for data collection. Students will use the Palm handheld computers on field trips to local Wildlife Conservation areas to identify specimens in the field and be evaluated on the accuracy of their conclusions. Students will be taking an unknown specimen and discovering its true identity through a logical sequence of thought.

Kids in the Creek
Forks Middle School, Forks, WA
Intermediate Grades

Students will use Palm handheld computers with probes to monitor the health of a local stream, Prairie Falls Creek. They will implement a design plan that they will develop in the classroom. Students will use the probes with the Palm handhelds to test for at least three different water quality parameters and to take field notes. Middle school students also will raise salmon in the classroom, working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife to raise coho salmon, which will then be placed in Prairie Falls Creek.

Empowering Student Critical Thinking Using Palm Handheld Computers
Centennial Junior High School (QUEST Program), Montrose, CO
Intermediate, High School

Each fall the QUEST science class uses University of Colorado Science Explorer's Earth science lessons and NASA's Space science lessons to increase student understanding of various concepts for their NASA Student Involvement Program projects. By recording lab results on their Palm handheld computers, students will be able to improve their critical thinking skills.

Little Wolf Outdoor Education Research Center
Little Wolf High School, Manawa, WI
Intermediate, High School

To help students learn about their environment, the Manawa district has developed the Little Wolf Outdoor Education Research Center, incorporating hands-on, real world learning into their curriculum through a project-based approach. This project involves two groups of students, who will extensively use Palm handheld computers and scientific probes to gather data, analyze their findings, and synthesize research to protect and enhance the natural resources of their community.

Using Palm Handheld Computers to Enhance Project-Based Learning
Mt. Baker High School, Deming, WA
Intermediate, High School

Using methods developed by researchers at the University of Washington in a program called NatureMapping, students will assess the habitat of a selected plant or animal species near their school. Students will develop their experimental question and conceptually organize their background research, methods and protocols. They will collect, display and then process their data into mathematical equations. Finally, they will communicate their findings with their peers via beaming and discussion.

Palms Used in Scrub Habitat (Project PUSH)
Boca Raton Christian School, Boca Raton, FL
High School

The purposes of this project are to enable students to experience original data collection in a field atmosphere and to develop a color-coded biotope distribution map. The map indicates the physical and chemical characteristics of a region and the recurring associated biological community of an area. In this case, Sugar Sand Park, located in Boca Raton, Florida.

The Quest for Science: Transforming Learners into Investigators
North Miami Senior High, North Miami, FL
High School

Palm handheld computers will be used to control the Computer Based Laboratories during Chemistry I to perform as many laboratory experiments as possible to familiarize the students with the use of the different probes. In the first year, students will download the information into the classroom computer and use a portable keyboard. The second year, they will design their own experiments and present their work to the class at the end of the project.

Environmental Science with Palms: Bringing Together Assessment, Investigation, and Inquiry
The Downtown Magnets High School, Los Angeles, CA
High School

The culminating goal of the project will be to empower students to use the technology to design and conduct an original investigation into an environmental question of their own choosing.

Science on the Move: Probing for Answers
Cranford High School, Cranford, NJ
High School

In "Science on the Move: Probing for Answers," high school environmental science students will use Palm handheld computing technology in the field to determine the effects of development, human resource consumption, consumer purchasing decisions on New Jersey waterways, agricultural growing conditions and air cleanliness.

Field Science/Field Service
Columbia High School, Decatur, GA
High School

Palm handheld computers will be used to support existing service learning initiatives and the ongoing participation in the GLOBE Program. Students will collect data on soil, weather, and water conditions. This information will be posted to on-line databases and to the GLOBE Internet site. Palm handhelds will be used to collect and post data in the field and to allow in-field collaboration with horticulturists and meteorologists at the University of Georgia.

Roll with the Changes... It's Amusing!!!!
St. Ignatius College Prep, Chicago, IL
High School

Students will spend a day at Six Flags Great America Amusement park in Gurnee, Illinois, which will link four previously taught units: the metric system, graphing and one-dimensional kinematics, Newton's laws of motion, and energy. The Palm handheld computers will ensure students are working efficiently and staying organized as they store, measure, graph and analyze the results.

Science in the Environment (S.I.T.E.) Project
Pekin Community High School, Pekin, IL
High School

S.I.T.E. (Science In The Environment) project, promotes problem solving; gathering data from the environment, researching for information on the Internet, and communicating within a collaborative group in order to solve problems. Students will engage in aquatic biomonitoring: biomonitory is an important tool that scientists use to evaluate the condition of ecological systems. Students will make field trips out into the community to test soil samples and record data on Palm handheld computers.

Probing Scientists
Assumption High School, Louisville, KY
High School

Students are currently participating in a project sponsored by the Beargrass Creek Task Force whose objective is to provide on-going assessment of water quality in Louisville. The project will connect probes to Palm handheld computers in order to more accurately and efficiently collect data on temperature, dissolved oxygen, PH and total dissolved solids levels in the Beargrass Creek water. This project will be incorporated in the freshman Integrated Science classes.

Monitoring the Ecology and Mapping Project for the Skitrail/Conservation Area
Wahconah Regional High School, Dalton, MA
High School

The project will begin with students taking a survey of the pond and land areas involved in the cross-country ski trail and conservation area. The Palm handheld computers will be used to log details of measurements, sketch details of the area, and link to GPS (Global Positioning System) units for exact latitude and longitude measurements. The second part of the project for Biology students will be to monitor the pond, an existing stream, and nearby Housatonic River for water quality.

Palm Computers as Learning Support Devices and Collaborative Tools in Open-Ended Inquiry Based Laboratory Investigations in Science
Lincoln Northeast High School, Lincoln, NE
High School

Palm handheld computers will be used to support the learning of certain chemical calculations and laboratory investigations. The Palm handheld computers will serve in two capacities: as a calculation device equipped with special software written for chemical calculations, and as an electronic laboratory notebook.

Palm Prints on the James Project
Yankton High School, Yankton, SD
High School

The JAMES Project investigates the environmental quality and seasonal changes of South Dakota's James River and its basin. Students will collect data and conduct an extensive, collaborative research project to document the efficiency of recording field data on handheld computers.

Palm-Based Laboratory Experiments in the Accelerated Physics Classroom
University School of Nashville, Nashville, TN
High School

Palm handheld computers will be used to complete numerous experiments that are presently completed using the Calculator Based Laboratory (CBL). These experiments include the use of many Vernier probes already owned by the school. By using Palm handhelds, the process of data collection, sharing, and analysis in the physics classroom will be enhanced and made easier.

Planning for the Preservation and Extension of the Ogallala Aquifer
Smyer High School, Smyer, TX
High School

Students will use advanced technology applications and interact with students in other locations and across curriculums to heighten the awareness of, and present possible solutions to the demise of the Ogallala Aquifer of the Southern High Plains of Texas. Students will collect and analyze data both in and out of the classroom that will enable them to predict outcomes and formulate conclusions.

Environmental and Habitat Assessment with At-Risk High School Students
River's Edge Alternative High School, Richland, WA
High School

At-risk high school students will gain experience in observing, collecting, and analyzing data by investigating the ecosystem surrounding the Columbia River in Southeastern Washington State. Through the use of Palm handheld computers, students studying environmental science will learn how to conduct field experiments that test water quality and evaluate the diversity of life within our local river ecosystem.

Collaborative Techniques in Water Quality Assessment and Environmental Science Using Handheld Computer Technology between Middle School and High School Students
Moses Lake High School, Moses Lake, WA
High School

Palm handheld computers will be used in a collaborative effort to study the environment and water quality of Moses Lake and it's two contributing streams; Crab Creek and Rockyford Creek. Students will take a handheld computer to the water site, and use the various probeware and software that can be attached to the handheld computers to collect data, record journal observations/information about the wildlife, plant life, and environmental conditions right at the site.

Comprehensive Stream Study
Shaler Area School District, Glenshaw, PA
High School

The Shaler Area Outdoor Adventure School is a summer program designed to help at-risk and disadvantaged students acquire credits in the areas of Health, Physical Education and Science needed for graduation and/or extra curricular credits. Students will undertake a comprehensive stream study using Palm handheld computers to identify, measure, record and analyze various water quality variables as well as geologic and biologic stream data.

Watershed Investigators
Seaside High School, Seaside, OR
High School

Students will use the Palm handheld computers and ImagiWorks software with Vernier Probes to monitor water quality data on salmon bearing/spawning streams feeding the Neawanna and on the main system of Neawanna Creek. Students will also use GPS receivers and form software designed using the PenDragon Forms 3.1 software to re-inventory the debris for position changes due to storms this past winter. They will also be using the PenDragon software to create specialized forms on the Palm handheld computer to input tree data collected for the City of Seaside in the Neawanna Watershed.

Science and Technology
Stillwater High School, Stillwater, OK
High School

This project expands on a grant that has been submitted to the Stillwater Public Education Foundation. Students will use Palm handheld computers as a tool to increase retention. The class will use the Palm handheld computers for class notes, calculations, data collection, accessing resources, managing classroom activities, homework and communicating with parents and students.


Social Studies

Primary Research in the Economics Classroom
Memorial High School, Campbell, OH
High School students, social studies.
Research Partners: Industrial Information Institute for Economics Education and "Raising the Bar at the High School" Grant Initiative

Students will use Palms in the creation of a "Viewseum" at a district Web site. This Viewseum will share the results of an economic survey of all the valedictorians and salutatorians in the history of the Campbell City Schools. Palms will be used to track and analyze data for the survey.

Presidential Unsolved Mysteries and Investigations
Buford School, Lennox, CA
Primary Grades

Using current technology to travel back in time to study and analyze famous historical events, the mission for students will be to select one historical event in the president's life and prove if the event is fact or fiction.

Greeks, Gods, and Palms
Miami Edison Middle School, Miami, FL
Intermediate Grades

Working in small groups in their Language Arts classes, inner-city eighth grade students will use Palm handheld computers to research the Ancient Greeks' values and literature. In Social Studies classes, students will research the physical features of the region, everyday Greek life, and the government of Ancient Greece. The students will then produce a team report that they will present for their classmates at the end of the semester.

Brand New: A Student Survey of Student Spending and Marketing Awareness
Arturo Schomburg Satellite Academy, Bronx, NY
High School

The primary objective of this project is to make economics real to students by relating the goods and services on daily spending relative to the larger U.S. economy. The project will use the data to raise questions about the power of marketing and advertising in student lives, and how it affects their purchases. Using Palm handheld computers to keep a careful record of brand name purchases, students will also research companies which use factories around the world.

In Your Palm--From Crime Scenes to Crimes Solved
Pickaway-Ross Career and Technology Center, Chillicothe, OH
High School

In this project, criminal justice students will be solving simulated crimes from crime scenes set up in the criminal justice lab and on a web page linked to the school's home page. Students will collect evidence from the crime scene and will record data, measurements, fingerprint characteristics, and details on their Palm handheld computers.



Research Hubs

Kent State Research Center for Educational Technology (RCET), Kent, OH:

Will be working with alumni of their "Ameritech Classroom" to introduce Palm handhelds into 10 classrooms, ranging from elementary school to high school. RCET staff will conduct training, provide ongoing support, and conduct evaluation and research about how teachers and students use Palm handheld computers.

University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Education, Office of Internet Studies, Omaha, NE:

Working with three high schools in Omaha to create a set of overlapping courses. These courses include an environmental science class, a programming class, and a marketing class. The programming class will create tools to be used by the environmental science and marketing classes.

University of California at Berkeley School of Education, Berkeley, CA:

The WISE project (Web-Based Inquiry Science Environment) at UC Berkeley will work with schools in the Desert Sands Unified School District in Palm Desert, CA, and the Denver Public Schools in Denver, CO to investigate how Palm handheld computers can facilitate inquiry in K-12 Science and Mathematics Curriculum.

The Gulf of Maine Aquarium, Portland, ME:

The Gulf of Maine Aquarium will work with six schools in Maine to integrate Palm handheld computers into their aquatic field monitoring program, called "Vital Signs".

Fremont Union High School District, Sunnyvale, CA:

This group's project will use Palm handheld computers to improve attendance, participation, completion of assignments, reading comprehension, problem solving, academic performance, and communication for students performing below the 40th percentile in academic achievement.

Archdiocese of Dubuque School System, Dubuque, Iowa:

Will work with Clarke College to identify veteran technology trainers who will work with individual teachers to integrate Palm handheld computers into their lesson plans. These teachers will also form an online community through the Iowa Communications Network, as well as through list serves and a "digital exchange" Web site that allows teachers to share lesson plans.

Beaufort County School District, Beaufort, SC:

Palm handheld computers will be used to support students' and teachers' development and use of assessment processes in project-based learning. This project will include a wide range of curricular areas (science, math, language arts) in a variety of grades (elementary to high school).

University of Michigan, College of Engineering and School of Education,
Center for Highly Interactive Computing in Education (Hi-ce):

Hi-ce is currently working with the Detroit Public Schools and the Union City Schools in Michigan to integrate Palm handheld computers in the classrooms of leading teachers. In this project they will investigate two models of student use of Palm handhelds: the "personal computer" model, where each student is assigned a Palm computer for the semester to take home; and the "class set" model, where teachers have a class set of Palms that teachers use for specific curricular activities.

Concord Consortium, Concord, MA:

The goal of this project is to bring the power of probeware and modeling to science education in grades 4-8, by creating effective and easily implemented technology-based science learning materials that take advantage of Palm handheld computers. These materials will be used in a diversity of schools in the upcoming school year.


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