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Read the initial Round I Evaluation Report. [PDF]

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Palm Education Pioneers Evaluation

SRI International's evaluation of the Palm Education Pioneer's Program is a two-level evaluation design that consists of (1) a general evaluation, conducted by SRI, involving surveys of teachers and students and a small number of site visits; and (2) PEP awardees' project evaluations, designed and implemented by PEP awardees and their teams, with guidance provided by SRI researchers.

From February through June 2001, 15 Round I PEP Awardees participated in SRI International's preliminary evaluation of the PEP Program . SRI's report on Round I Evaluation results was issued in November 2001. In addition, presentations on Round I findings were made at the Annual Conference of the American Educational Research Association in April 2002.

With Round II of the PEP Program, which ran for September 2001 through June 2002, the PEP evaluation included 102 PEP projects throughout the United States.


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